Power of Attorney Services

A Power of Attorney is a legal document in which you give someone else the ability to manage your financial estate or to make health care decisions for you, in the event you cannot make or communicate decisions for yourself. Power of Attorney documents can be as broad or as specific as you desire. The person named in your Power of Attorney to make decisions for you is referred to as your "Agent."

A Power of Attorney Agent is able to provide the services stated in your Power of Attorney document. The Agent named in a health care Power of Attorney can make medical decisions for you, decide where you live, and have access to your medical records. A financial Power of Attorney Agent can pay bills, invest assets, sell real estate, and make other financial decisions on your behalf. In some instances, having an Agent named in a health care Power of Attorney or a financial Power of Attorney can avoid the need for a court-appointed Guardian or Conservator.

Jeanette is knowledgeable and experienced in the responsibilities of Power of Attorney Agents and is available to serve as your Agent, whether your needs are simple or complex. Her understanding of the laws governing the duties of a Power of Attorney Agent gives Jeanette the ability to professionally work for you outside of the court system and preserve your civil rights. Jeanette will be accountable to you and those that you designate to receive information about your business affairs and medical condition, but will work hard to maintain your rights to privacy and confidentiality when needed. Should you require the appointment of a Guardian or a Conservator, as the Agent stated in your Power of Attorney documents, Jeanette would have the ability to serve in those capacities for you.

Power of Attorney services are determined by the instructions provided in your Power of Attorney documents. The most common services requested are:

  • Location and identification of assets
  • Management of assets
  • Bill paying
  • Income management
  • Health care / medical decisions