Guardian Services

A Guardian is someone appointed by the Court to make medical and personal decisions for an individual who cannot make reasonable decisions for himself or herself. The inability to make reasonable decisions can exist for many reasons, including impairments related to substance abuse, dementia, and mental illness. A Guardian is appointed during a court proceeding initiated to determine if an individual is incapacitated and in need of a Guardian. An incapacitated person in a court proceeding is commonly referred to as the "ward." A legal determination of incapacity will legally strip a ward of many civil rights and should only be considered when absolutely necessary. In some cases, specific civil rights can be preserved even with the appointment of a Guardian, such as the right to participate in the decision of where to live, but ultimately the Guardian is responsible for making all final decisions for the ward.

A Guardian has the same duty to his or her ward as a parent would have to a child. A Guardian has the legal authority to decide where the ward will live, whether he or she can marry, ensure that proper medical care is being provided, make educational opportunities available, and preserve as much of the ward's independence as possible and appropriate. A Guardian must always keep the best interest of his or her ward in mind when making decisions, and make a diligent effort to determine the ward's wishes whenever possible.

As a Guardian, Jeanette will work diligently and compassionately to ensure that the best possible medical and personal care is provided for you or your loved one. Should you require assisted living care, Jeanette will make sure that you are in a living environment that provides you with the freedom, safety, care, and attention that you deserve. Jeanette will work closely with your medical providers, family members, friends, and other professionals in order to meet your needs.

Jeanette will only serve as a Guardian on a limited basis, in order to dedicate the time and attention necessary to provide personal and caring services to each person. If you or your loved one are in need of a Guardian, contact Jeanette to check her availability.