Conservator Services

A Conservator is someone who takes care of the property and finances for an individual who cannot manage his or her financial matters due to a physical or mental impairment. This impaired individual is sometimes referred to as a "protected person" or "the ward." A Conservator can only be appointed through a court proceeding. A Conservator assumes the responsibility of managing the assets of the ward including paying the ward's bills, investing assets, selling assets when necessary, and ensuring the ward's assets are used only for the ward's benefit.

Typically, a Conservator is bonded for the value of the ward's financial estate, plus one year of the ward's income. A fiduciary bond protects the ward against any wrongdoing by the Conservator. In some situations, the court may restrict specific assets of the ward, in order to reduce the bonding requirement and further protect the ward.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

The ability to maintain meticulous accounting records is essential for anyone wishing to serve as a Conservator for another individual. Inventories, budgets, and annual accountings must be prepared using specific forms mandated by the court and filed according to specific court procedures. Sometimes family members are unable to help with financial matters or can be easily overwhelmed by the accounting work and court procedures involved. When selecting a Conservator for your loved one, take the time to consider all of your options, including the use of a non-family, professional fiduciary.

Jeanette's understanding and experience with conservatorship matters is extensive and enables her to provide Conservator services for your loved one, whether the situation is simple or complex. Jeanette's education in the field of accounting, along with her legal skills and knowledge, allows her to efficiently work with court reporting and filing requirements. Jeanette will ensure that bills are paid on time, and that your loved one's income and assets are preserved for his or her care and personal needs. Jeanette is pre-approved for fiduciary bonds, but is willing to work with any court-ordered asset restrictions. Jeanette's passion for protecting the elder and special needs community makes her an excellent choice to serve as a Conservator for you or your loved one.

Conservator Services Include:
  • Locate, identify, and protect assets
  • Negotiation and settlement of creditor claims and debts of the protected person
  • Preparation of conservatorship inventory and budget
  • Preparation of conservatorship accountings in conformity with court guidelines
  • Bill paying
  • Income and investment management