Accounting Services

Jeanette holds an Associate of Applied Sciences in Accounting and her experience in the field of fiduciary accounting practices is extensive. Jeanette has also completed courses in fraud examination, which enables her to quickly analyze financial documents. Her understanding of financial and tax accounting procedures makes her a valuable asset to any trust, estate, or conservatorship administration.

Many professional fiduciaries do not have the time to keep the detailed accounting records necessary when serving as a Trustee, Personal Representative, or Conservator. Family members serving as a fiduciary for a loved one can be easily overwhelmed by all of the accounting tasks required and the rules that must be followed. Jeanette offers accounting services to both the professional and non-professional fiduciary. If you are in need of accounting and bookkeeping services for a Trust, Decedent Estate, or Conservator matter, contact Jeanette for assistance.

Accounting Services:
  • Preparation of trust accountings
  • Preparation of estate accountings
  • Preparation of conservatorship accountings
  • Monthly bookkeeping services
  • Analysis of fiduciary accounting reports in contested matters

Paralegal Services

Jeanette is a Certified Paralegal and has specialized in the area of probate, trust, and estate planning law for over 27 years. Her legal experience, skills, knowledge, and understanding of the court system makes her a valuable asset to any probate and estate planning attorney. Jeanette offers contract paralegal services to licensed attorneys in the Pima County, Arizona area. Whether you need a paralegal for a specific probate project or someone to help you administer a case from beginning to end, contact Jeanette to discuss your paralegal needs.