Jeanette S. Bloss, Lic# 20603

Experience - Service - Passion

Jeanette has proudly served the Tucson community as a paralegal for over twenty-seven years, specializing in the area of probate and estate planning law. Jeanette has assisted attorneys with many areas of probate law including the drafting of estate planning documents, and all matters pertaining to guardianships, conservatorships, trust administrations, and the administration of decedent estates. She also has experience litigating probate and trust matters, establishing conservatorship estates for special needs individuals receiving a civil cash award, and pursuing individuals who have exploited or neglected a vulnerable person. Jeanette's legal experience and knowledge is a valuable asset to her clients and enables her to not only work efficiently with the court system, but to strongly advocate for her clients.

Jeanette’s passion for serving the needs of Tucson’s elderly and special needs community motivated her to obtain her fiduciary license in 2008.   As the demand for her services grew, Jeanette wanted to dedicate herself full-time to assisting and advocating for her clients and founded JSB Fiduciary & Estate Management Services, LLC in 2014.   Her legal experience and education in accounting practices enables Jeanette to offer a wide variety of fiduciary services to her clients including: Trustee of both traditional and special needs trusts; Personal Representative of decedent estates; Conservator and guardian for adults and minors; and as a Power of Attorney Agent.   Jeanette also provides accounting services to other professional and non-professional fiduciaries.

Jeanette is a Certified Paralegal, receiving her certification from the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA). She is a member of NALA, the Arizona Paralegal Association, and a legal support member of the Pima County Bar Association. Jeanette is also a member of the Arizona Fiduciaries Association and serves as a officer of its governing Board.

Jeanette proudly serves as a Court Investigator for the Pima County Superior Court. Her role as an Investigator includes reviewing guardianship and conservatorship matters that have been filed with the Court, interviewing individuals involved in the matter, reviewing financial documents as needed, and making recommendations to the Court. Jeanette sees her role as an Investigator critical to the protection of vulnerable adults and enjoys providing this service to her community.